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By Nicholas Brenn

Recently, the Registrar announced the implementation of online course selection for all upperclassmen.

This decision was due in part to a positive response from the juniors who used the online procedure to register last spring.

“Online registration is definitely an easier and less stressful process,” said Kevin Nowaskey ‘12, who tested the program last spring.

Penelope Adey of the Registrar explained that online registering “will allow students to register from anywhere on or off campus, thus eliminating the need for students to wait in line to register at Hale House.”

Many upperclassmen recalled the lines and stress that accompanied course registration at Hale House.

“When I reached Hale House at my required time slot, I had to wait 10 minutes for a computer and found that two of my top class choices were already filled.  I was frustrated and upset,” Zuhair Khan ‘14. “Being able to accomplish registration without the wait, and on my own time is very exciting.”

Not only does online registration eliminate the need for students to crowd into Hale House, but it also eliminates the need for students to pick up their prescheduling forms at Silliman Hall.

Students are still expected to meet with their academic advisors to discuss their course selections, but they will now be “signing off” electronically. As a result, students will no longer need to worry about misplacing their advising forms or forgetting to get their advisor’s signature.

The elimination of the forms also helps to reduce the college’s carbon footprint.

“It was time consuming to print out all the forms, not to mention the cost associated with producing 6,000 forms each year,” explained Adey. “With the elimination of the ‘yellow’ hold form, that saves an additional 2,000 pieces of paper.”

First-year students are still required to pick up their prescheduling forms at Silliman, and must refer to their form for prescheduling appointment times at Hale House.  Online appointment times for upperclassmen are available in WebAdvising under “My Registration Restrictions.”

Students will not be able to register before their assigned time, but will be able to make changes to their schedule during the winter break.

However, the strict online procedure may raise some issues in the technical support department.

“If a student has questions or problems with registering, there is no form of online support that can compare to having the registrar staff in the same room with you,” said Nowaskey.

Despite these concerns, the Registrar is very confident that the WebAdvising system will be reliable during the registration period; but, as a precaution they will have registration terminals set up. The Registrar looks forward to receiving feedback from all upperclassmen once the process is completed.

“I am optimistic that the other classes will like this change in procedure and if all goes well, it will be implemented for the rest of the year and beyond,” said Adey.


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