Letter to the Editor: The importance of Union College Greek life


By Letter to the Editor

When Union College’s administration looks at their yearly statistics and finds that the transfer rate for rising sophomores and juniors is significantly higher than years previous, it is possible that they will be the only ones surprised. One need only ask around to realize that freshmen and sophomore students not currently in a sorority or fraternity are struggling to enjoy themselves in an atmosphere in which social events are invite-only and fraternities are reticent to admit the larger campus community due to harsh administrative actions during this past term.

Like it or not, the Greek life system provides innumerable social and academic opportunities at Union that no poorly construed, administratively imposed social system can ever hope to emulate. Tim Dunn, the Greek Life Office, the Interfraternity and Panhellic Councils all do a fine job guarding the best of the Greek traditions, but what is required now is a comprehensive change of attitude among Union’s administration as well as some independent students towards the beleaguered fraternities and sororities on campus.

It is not only current Union students who will be hurt by the continued diminishment of the Greek life system. If Union begins to attract less than ideal students as its social reputation among prospective students diminishes, graduating seniors and alumni will find it harder to find work as Union’s good standing declines.

As it did for me, the Greek life system at Union helps hundreds of students find a place and creates innumerable friendships that last a lifetime. Above all else, the value of social connection cannot be understated.

Alex Porter ‘12Chi Psi, Alpha Pi


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