Letter to the Editor: Disappointed by unnecessary Delta Delta Delta article


By Letter to the Editor

I would like to express my sincere disappointment with the article entitled “Delta Delta Delta” in Vol. CXLI, Issue V of the Concordiensis. The lack of respect for the privacy of the sisters of Tri-Delta is disheartening.

I understand the necessity for the Concordiensis to print articles that are of relevant topics to the campus. However, I find that in situations like these, the privacy of the organization is much more important than the spreading of more potentially false and vague information. This article only serves to continue the overwhelming campus gossip about a situation that is being properly handled.

Furthermore, I believe that Emily Bluth, president of Tri-Delta, is handling this situation with grace. Printing her refusal to comment was simply unnecessary as I, another sorority president, would have done the same. Including her name did not add any substance to the article.

I wish the sisters of Tri-Delta the best and hope that the rest of the campus can do the same. My sincere apologies go out to them for this upsetting article.

Krystle Gallo ‘12Gamma Phi Beta President


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