Let’s Talk Fashion: Sia Sam-Sumana ’13


By Elana Katz

NAME: Sia Sam-SumanaYEAR: Junior, Class of 2013MAJOR: BiologyHOMETOWN: Freetown, Sierra LeoneHOBBIES/INTERESTS: Dancing, watching foreign films, listening to music, volunteering, and traveling.

Fashion Interview:

KATZ: Who is your celebrity fashion icon?SAM-SUMANA: Solange Knowles. She has a good natural look. It doesn’t look like someone threw it on her, but rather she has a hand in what she wears.

KATZ: If you could shop anywhere, where would it be and why?SAM-SUMANA: In San Diego, California, there’s an awesome amount of boutique stores that you don’t find anywhere else. If I could shop there all the time, I would.

KATZ: What inspired this outfit today?SAM-SUMANA: The weather and my mood. I was feeling happy so I chose to wear all the bright colors in my closet.

KATZ: Where do you like to shop?SAM-SUMANA: I don’t limit myself. Go into any store and if you find things you like, why not?

KATZ: What are your favorite trends right now?SAM-SUMANA: Oxfords, neon, feathers, big grandpa sweaters, patterned tights with shorts, skirts, and dresses.

KATZ: Describe your style in three words.SAM-SUMANA: “Fun, still sexy, authentic.”

KATZ: What fashion advice would you give to other students looking to improve their style?SAM-SUMANA: Be comfortable in whatever you wear; make it your own; don’t be afraid to spice it up.

Elements of Sia’s Outfit

1. Gold Chain BraceletStatement jewelry is always a safe bet when dressing up a casual outfit. Here, Sia makes use of a vintage necklace which doubles as a bracelet by wrapping it around her wrist. Chains can be seen all over this season, used for both accessories and hang bags.

2. Denim+Neon=Fashion FriendsThough at first it may seem like an unlikely combination, Sia’s jean vest and bright yellow shorts are a perfect match. Neon made a comeback last year and serves as a great transition from summer to fall fashions.

3. Patterned backpackThe less basic the backpack, the better. Sia attacks that fashion challenge with her intricate tribal print Urban Outfitters bag. Many are afraid to incorporate such bold pieces into their closets, but if you treat them like neutrals, you’ll find yourself spicing up basic outfits.

4. OxfordsThese lace-inspired Oxfords are the perfect compliment to Sia’s look. They are sensible, can be dressed up or down, and are a nice alternative to sneakers or ballet flats.


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