Let’s Talk Fashion: Karlee Bergendorff


By Elana Katz

NAME: Karlee Bergendorff


MAJOR: Political Science


HOBBIES & INTERESTS:Oil painting, listening torecords, cooking, traveling,and shopping.



KATZ: Who or what inspires your style?BERGENDORFF: I like the grungy-layering look, cowboy boots, channeling a more Midwest vibe, and sometimes throwing some bohemian inspired pieces in there. Ultimately, there isn’t one particular thing that inspires my style.

KATZ: What fashion advice would you give to other students looking to improve their style?BERGENDORFF: I never let the seasons get in the way of my outfits. I find myself pulling summer dresses out from June and pairing them with tights and boots to make them fall appropriate. Also, I like using red lipstick to top it all off…its not for everyone, though.

KATZ: If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be and why?BERGENDORFF: Betsey Johnson. She has an eclectic style and isn’t afraid to mix and match.

KATZ: What inspired this outfit today?BERGENDORFF: I love combat boots, especially my white pair because they’re more feminine. I chose this blue flannel so I could throw some color into my black and white outfit and I love the lace detailing on the back.

KATZ: Where do you like to shop?BERGENDOFF: Betsey Johnson, Guess, H&M, and Urban Outfitters.

KATZ: Describe your style in three words.BERGENDORFF: “Funky, bold, and unique.”



Turquoise and Coral EarringsWhile turquoise and coral earrings may seem like too a summery combination for early October, these earrings fall right into place. The turquoise highlights the blue in her flannel shirt, while the coral pairs well with her red lipstick. Bohemian jewelry, like the earrings seen here, is always fun to experiment with because it proves that anything goes.

Cozy Blue Flannel ShirtAs Karlee mentioned, this blue flannel shirt adds color to an otherwise black and white outfit. The warm shade of blue gives the ensemble a pop, but still preserves the traditional vibe of the classic flannel shirt.

Combat Boots and Patterned TightsFall is the season that boot lovers look forward to. Riding, hiking, and combat boots are everywhere and Karlee’s are the perfect pair. Choosing a pair of off white boots allows her outfit to look girly despite their overall roughness. Finally, Karlee’s floral fishnets mesh perfectly with her boots.


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