How we’re ‘U’nique: comparing Union to other colleges


By Julia Hotz

”So, why Union?”

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question in these past four weeks. My answer changes every time. “I love the small class sizes and liberal arts feel.” “Union’s renowned for their social scene, and there’s so much to do between clubs and Minervas!” “The campus is beautiful, and Schenectady is an ideal distance from New York, Boston and ski areas.”

We all have our reasons for choosing to come to Union, but at some point we must have asked ourselves how our college experience would’ve been different had we chosen another school. For example, how is life at NYU, Georgetown University, Dickinson College and Lehigh University different from life here on the U? After interviewing  some of my closest friends who are currently freshmen at these schools  I learned some interesting information.

Meg, New York University: “I think one thing that’s pretty unique about our school is how there’s no campus. The city is our campus. I can be at Union Square and have to take the subway all the way to Chinatown to get to my friend’s dorm. It’s crazy!” Before hearing this, I used to think the walk from West to Davidson was bad!

Kate, Georgetown University: “I mean, you’re legit in downtown Georgetown. It’s awesome because there are so many great shops and restaurants that we eat at on M street, but it’s definitely taking a toll on my bank account…” Say what you want about Schenectady, but at least my wallet is plenty full. Denny’s isn’t too much of a splurge, and besides I’m perfectly content dining in West or at free Minerva barbeques and club dinners.

Jess, Dickinson College: “In the middle of campus, there is this big medallion that says,  ‘Dickinson founded yada yada.’ Well, the tradition is that you can’t step on that thing, otherwise you won’t graduate.” Every school has a tradition or two, but here at Union we have seven, and I think it’s safe to say that Union’s students are doing crazier things in the middle of campus than avoiding a medallion.

Kelsey, Lehigh University: “People here love to indulge at the crepe bar in one of our dining hall. It’s so addicting. I shouldn’t have started going, but it’s almost worth the freshmen 15.” Completely relatable. There should honestly be a warning label on the f’real milkshake fridge.

I guess the saying holds true—you end up where you belong. As my friends were describing their college experiences to me, they all sounded so happy! Everyone took so much pride in describing what their schools were like, and they all seem to feel that they’ve made the right choice. The same goes for me. I’ve learned that there’s so much more to love about Union then the classes, the location or the social scene. It’s the little traditions and aspects of Union’s culture that make us truly unique.


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