How we measure up: U.K. student compares education across the pond


By Jade-Marie Gilbert

Want to know what I think of the amount of work you get assigned here at Union? Well, it’s barking (English for crazy).

If you didn’t catch it from that statement, I’m stressing out. As usual, I was given my syllabi for each class. But unlike back home, where I hardly give it much thought, this time I fell off my chair.

This sounds ridiculous to you guys, but my fellow English students or anyone who has ever studied in the U.K. is currently nodding their head in approval as they read. So seeing you guys study is a new novelty, and you do so in all variety of places. Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s a party or a study session going on. I’ve started taking a thesaurus and six-pack around in my bag with me so I’m ready for any occasion.

The extent of how inexperienced I am at homework and studying came to light on a trip to Montreal last weekend. Realizing how much work I had for the weekend, I was forced to take my copy of History of the Crusades with me and read ten pages in the bathroom of a club in between shots. However, I never knew I was capable of so much. So thank you, Union. If you want a vacation, go on a term abroad to York St. John.


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