Grand Slam on Nott Terrace


By Joshua Ostrer

The newly opened Denny’s, located on Nott Terrace within walking distance of the college and across from Union Graduate College, has already attracted quite a few Union visitors.

“We’re really just looking forward to partner with the college and student body and building a relationship with students and campus safety,” said Restaurant Manager Danny Nelson.

As many Union students might speculate, Nelson reports that the majority of student trips to the 24-hour Denny’s happens on the weekend.

[pullquote]“We kind of want to be that place to get away for a meal, especially for a study break or during finals week.”  Danny Nelson, Denny’s Manager[/pullquote]

“[Students come] mostly at late night, especially Saturday and Sunday,” he noted.

The new Denny’s is finally settling into its new location and Nelson remarked “we feel like we’re beginning to be part of the community.”

The Grand Slam is by far Denny’s most popular dish followed by their burgers and specialty cheese menu. Denny’s offers smoothies; $2, $4, $6, and $8 value menus; special fit options; a cheese menu; and separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, which consist of everything from omelets to steaks.

Thus far, the restaurant has not encountered any problems with its interactions with the Union community. It also intends to create some joint-programming with the Union administration.

“[We have] plans in the works. Now that we’re getting the business side down, we can move on to reaching out,” said Nelson.

Denny’s hopes to offer another convenient option for students to get comfort food while at school and to be an alternative to the limited hours of on-campus dining locations.

“We kind of want to be that place to get away for a meal, especially for a study break or during finals week,” said Nelson.


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