Fashion line a must for campus-wear


By Cat Ziac

If you are at all concerned about weathering the intense feminine competition that is college fall fashion, I strongly encourage you to put Moo Piyasombatkul on your must-have radar.

A 2010 graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Chulalux “Moo” Piyasombatkul has translated her studies in jewelry design into beyond amazing eyewear in her debut collection, “Baroque Eyes.”

The glasses in the collection, first seen world-wide at London Fashion Week in February 2011, feature iconic vintage frames embellished with handcrafted porcelain pieces in a Baroque design.

Moo, who is originally from Bangkok, Thailand, but attended boarding school in the UK since the age of twelve, was inspired by the details of crockery, especially teacup handles and the edges of sugar pots and milk jars.

Yet, Moo’s glasses are anything but antiquated. Her neo-classic “re-design from the past” approach to craftsmanship is derived from Dutch product designer Marcel Wanders’s “New Antique” idea where contemporary pieces are constructed using old-fashioned materials.

Moo’s eye-wear consists of medium to large frames, including the 1950’s cat-eye style, and a more Ray-Ban-esque geek chic look, all adorned perfectly with ornate eggshell colored porcelain components.

The coveted frames are already selling out everywhere despite their steep price range, which hovers around the $500 area, making the glasses just a bit out of reach for the average college fashionista’s already worn-out debit card.

Nonetheless, Moo’s “Desire 1” sunglasses in the color “Pucci” are at the top of my very wishful wish list. As for my more realistic pursuits, I will be waiting faithfully, albeit impatiently, at the doors of Forever 21 fora replica.

Admittedly, it is tempting to glue a do-it-yourself polymer clay imitation ornament to my Ray-Bans in the meantime.

Each magnificent frame in Moo’s luxurious collection is unique and was designed as if it were a piece of artwork.

Additionally, the Bangkok native designed “Baroque Eyes” with her own tastes in mind, being drawn to glasses design over jewelry presently because of the way the frames pair oh-so-well with her short bob haircut.

While the young designer is just beginning her promising career, Moo describes her overall fashion style as “Eastmeets West.”

Here’s to hoping that by “West” she means our very own West College!


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