The Yorks compared


By Sarah Megson

After spending a weekend in New York City, it seems only right to attempt to compare the new to the old.

Where do I begin? Well gobsmacked (English term for shocked) is how I would describe my initial reaction when I arrived. I have seen endless photos along with many films, but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer scale of the city.

Old York back in England is a petite and delicate city with medieval streets and a towering Minster from the time of William the Conqueror. New York has soaring skyscrapers, infinite streets of bright lights and the Empire State building.

I am a real fan of architecture and the historic buildings in York are beautiful in their old age with their tilting walls and ancient Roman foundations beneath. Even after two years in the city, I am still astonished by the beauty and character of such a compact place. New York is a whole different world. The modernity of it really took me back and the lights of Times Square were dazzlingly blinding.

One thing I brought back with me was a cricked neck, as just about every building was so unbelievably tall I was literally walking around as if my head were in the clouds.

I could fill the entire paper with what I love about both cities, but I have to say that New York won me over with the view from the Empire State building (well, that and meeting Elmo!). I went up at night with friends and the view was breathtaking.  I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it.

New York and Old York are polar opposites, so I would have to say that everyone should come visit our version in the U.K. and experience it for themselves.


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