20 men to join FIJI


By Caroline Hershey

Phi Gamma Delta, also known as FIJI, is in the process of renewing its chapter for first time since the original Chi chapter was chartered at Union in 1893.

FIJI is represented on 116 campuses across the U.S.

Gabe Camut, FIJI’s field secretary, reported that there are around 20 new pledges, which is a solid start for a founding father class at a small college like Union.

“We are here to set the bar for what Greek life should be,” said Camut, adding that FIJI is a fraternity that prides itself on diversity and does not associate itself with a certain demographic, sports team or stereotype.

FIJI previously had a chapter at Union for over 100 years, so returning to the “mother of all fraternities” was strongly supported by the alumni and fraternity’s official headquarters.

FIJI has connections to some of the school’s most recognized alumni including Charles Steinmetz, who was an honorary member and advisor to the fraternity.

FIJI members pride themselves on being “FIJI gentlemen.”

“Having FIJI will dramatically change life here,” said Adam Dear ‘14, President of the new pledge class. “Not only does it have a history of being one of the best fraternities nationwide, it is also one of the most respected.”

The group hopes to build a brotherhood that is unique and meaningful.

“While we look forward to adding a unique new niche to Union’s social scene, we will not forget that a Greek organization must contribute far more to Union than an addition to the party scene,” said Brendan Brooks ‘14.

Phi Gamma Delta will also be awarding a White Star Scholarship to a non-Greek male that exemplifies academic achievement and community involvement.

The $1000 scholarship is sponsored by a graduate and will be presented at FIJI’s introduction reception.

The fraternity’s official representatives are in talks with the college to figure out housing plans for next year and are enthusiastic about becoming a part of the Union community.


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