Retro party wows with art


By Teresa Crasto

Library Director Tom McFadden described Schaffer as the “true intellectual heart of this campus” at Friday night’s 50th anniversary party for the building. The party was 60s themed and featured music of 1961, the year in which the library opened.

One particular aspect of the event displayed the Union community’s creativity and intellect. The “Card Catalog Arts and Engineering Competition” opened last spring and closed in September. To put former catalogue cards to use, students were given the challenge to create artistic designs.

In total, eleven artists and engineers submitted seventeen entries to the competition. The competition awarded prizes in three areas: the Schaffer Library Dedication Anniversary Prize for entries using cards picked in the spring and summer, the Schaffer Library Opening Anniversary Prize for projects using cards picked up this fall, and the Viewers’ Choice Prize for all submissions. Winners in the first two categories were selected by a panel of judges, while the winners of the Viewer’s Choice were selected by the party-goers.

The entries covered a variety of areas, from designs inspired by Union to others featuring nature and art. The prize for Viewer’s Choice went to Jacob LaRocca ‘12 for “Nott the Right Size, Not the Whole Thing.”

The design contained two models of the Nott Memorial – a smaller, complete Nott and a larger, partial model of the bulding. The title is a play on words that reflects the construction process; half of the small Nott was constructed before LaRocca decided to create the larger Nott. He realized it was too big halfway through the project, so he finished the smaller model.

The honorable mentions for the Viewer’s Choice were given to “Thank Uke for Staying Classy” by Kate Kaminski ’14 and “Memories-goes-round” by Bui Duy Thanh Mai ‘12 and Tran Thanh Nga ‘12. Kaminski spent two months designing the functioning ukulele. She also plays the instrument, which inspired her creation.

“Memories-goes-round” is a fully functional lamp, with its shade in the shape of the Nott Memorial. The model was created by the artists two days before the competition ended. All of the material for the lamp is recycled, including earrings and film strips from a previous class.

The project showcased the creativity and ingenuity, while display Schaffer Library’s fifty year old heritage.


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