Real Talk: Internationals from England share their shock talk


By Sarah Megson

After a more eventful journey to America than planned for the majority of the internationals, we were finally all thrown together for our international orientation. One talk in particular, on the subject of culture shock, grabbed my attention.” Thinking that our nations were fairly similar, Lauren, Jade and I assumed that this notion wouldn’t apply to us. How naive we were!

Once the dream bubble popped, we were confronted with the infamous culture shock. Something I found particularly interesting was the difference in language.

Now, as a British citizen I am well aware that Americans and the British both speak English. But the notable difference in the use of particular words, especially when it comes to profanities, is amusing.

There we would be, talking to new groups of people about general things, then occasionally we would either turn to each other or comment on something among ourselves and boom! All of a sudden people didn’t understand what we were talking about.

Several terms in question are not suitable for publishing I am afraid, but there is a website,, if you are curious or wish to learn some British slang terms.

I have to say, educating our new friends with these seemingly typical British words has been both entertaining and satisfying.

I have also found terms over here interesting. Just walking around and catching glimpses into peoples’ conversations as they pass by puts a smile on my face. It reminds me where I am. Being here is like living in a dream—students could not be more welcoming. Plus, the grass here literally is greener!


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