WRUC AND THE U: Introducing a series on Union’s historic radio station


By Jacob Larocca

This article is the writer’s own and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Concordiensis or its staff.

WRUC: Wireless Radio Union College.  A staple in Union College’s history. The first licensed station in America, not just the first college station, to begin regular scheduled broadcasting.

WRUC is no longer the staple it once was. Granted, WRUC has had its ups and downs throughout its history, but it actually makes me sad to see the state that it has fallen into.

I have done my absolute best since I inherited the Technical Director position to bring the station back to its former glory, and I am finally beginning to see the fruits of my and my colleagues’ labor.

For those of you asking “What happened to WRUC?” there is no simple answer. Instead, I will tell you what WRUC has been, and what it could be.

Once upon a time, WRUC was the largest club on campus, hosted the largest number of events, and had a larger budget than almost every other club. In the recent cleaning of the WRUC offices, we have discovered a large volume of historical material dating back to the 1950s, which covers the near century of WRUC history.

For the next five weeks, the current WRUC executive board and I will be writing a series of articles highlighting the history, technology, development and future of the station, so that the campus community can see just how rich WRUC’s history is, and hopefully become more involved in its future.


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