New school year brings a new look to Schaffer Library


By Samantha Tyler

As many students may have noticed, the new school year has brought a vast amount of changes to Schaffer Library. Over the summer, the library’s employees were hard at work making improvements on almost every floor.

Most upper-class students have probably noticed that the printers are different. Instead of buying and putting money on a separate printer card like in years past, starting this year students will simply be using their all-powerful ID cards. At present, students are not charged for this service.

However, printing won’t always be free. The library is still awaiting a piece of machinery to complete the new system. This machinery will enable ID cards to be charged for each page printed.

It’s apparent students have been taking advantage of this opportunity. On Sept. 14, over 6,500 pages were printed in a matter of hours, according to Bruce Connolly, the library’s Head of Public Services.

The new printing system is not the only addition students should take advantage of. As many students know, the movies previously located in Student Activities have been reallocated to the shelves in the back of the first floor of the library. This advancement allows students to access the movie collection during all hours that the library is opened and borrow them for a longer period of time than before.

The only complaint to be heard about the huge collection of movies is the difficulty of looking through them all. “I don’t understand how they are organized,” says Kelli Lovedahl ‘14.

For students that have ventured downstairs to the basement to search for books in the stacks or those that enjoy locking themselves down there to do work for hours at a time with no cell service, the changes made to the basement are very apparent. To others, it may be news that both books and tables appear to be missing.

Over the summer, library employees spread out the books to extra shelves in order to make them less crowded. Head of Circulation Mary Eiffe calculated that 219,021 books, comprising call numbers E through Z, were shifted over the summer to make space in the shelves.

This change provides easy access to each book and makes the library employees’ jobs easier.

Catherine Degen ‘14 commented that the extra space on each shelf “makes it look like there are less books in the library.”

The shelves are not the only things that appear empty. The vital studying space downstairs no longer includes tables. The tables  have been relocated to the second floor, providing an  explanation for the new crowdedness upstairs. New tables and chairs for the area have been ordered, but for the time being the area remains unoccupied.

The lighting in the area has been improved to help students study downstairs; however, temporary arrangements allow only one table of students at a time.


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