New credit card option comes to campus


By Katie Ziemba

Beginning last week, Union introduced credit card payment options to all dining locations on campus. This addition will make purchases more efficient for members of the campus community and visitors.

Director of Dining Services David Gaul explained that adding the credit card capabilities to dining options on campus was “a long time coming,” since “technology is crucial to food service.”

Once Union updated its computer systems, the transition to credit-card-friendly food options on campus went underway.

“My philosophy is that the ability to take credit cards is the modern convenience of 2011,” said Gaul. Now all of Union’s food options on campus will accept credit cards, including the concession stand at hockey games. Currently, the system accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards.

Students, faculty and staff can also use their credit cards to purchase Dutchman Dollars and declining balance, receive care packages from parents and pay various catering options for professors.

This new payment system is also a money-making opportunity for Dining Services. Gaul mentioned that the national average for schools that made the transition to a credit-accepting campus experienced a seven percent growth in sales opportunities.

In the future, Gaul expressed the desire to add a kiosk to Reamer that would allow for students to easily add money to their Dining Services accounts. He also proposed the possibility of preordering food from anywhere around campus via the Union website, as well as a pick-up option at one’s convenience.

Victoria McIntyre ‘13 expressed the convenience of this new credit card system and mentioned that it is a good change from before because it was “annoying to use the ATM in Reamer and have to pay a ridiculous fee. It’s not worth it.”


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