Letter from the editor: Another year of World


By Brian Karimi

First, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the class of 2015. From what I have seen, you are an intelligent and spirited bunch. I hope your years here at Union will be as fulfilling as my own have been.

I encourage each of you to consider sharing an opinion on this page at some point in your college career. In this tumultuous time in world history, it is becoming increasingly important that we fill this page with opinions regarding the changes we see in headlines each day.

Across the globe, economic uncertainty will continue to alter political and social landscapes. The global war on terror is ongoing, and its effects on both the scope of our government and the peoples of the Middle East ought not be forgotten.

It is only week two and the college has already demonstrated its committment to diversity of perspective. Director of Religious and Spiritual Life Viki Brooks helped organize an event aimed at exploring what our community could learn from the events of that September day a decade ago.

When I sat down with Brooks last week, she explained a deep commitment to connecting people of diverse backgrounds as the primary means of overcoming the fear and distrust that resulted from that dark day in American history.

The event, held this past Sunday, featured six student speeches on “building bridges of understanding.” Amin Meyghani ‘13 spoke on the effects of the media on the way Americans view the world. Sulay Lora ‘12 spoke the many things in the world worth saving. Kadiatou Tubman ‘13 taught the audience that people themselves are bridges, and that understanding another person starts with a simple conversation.

The event concluded with a prayer, and I could not help thinking that Union had yet again done justice to its name and brought students a little closer to achieving a global perspective. It reminded me of all the reasons I love this section of the Concordiensis.

“It is critical that we start looking at other worldviews,” Brooks explained. “Not necessarily agreeing with them, but understanding what created them.”



Brian Karimi, World Editor


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