Let’s Talk Fashion: Fashion tips from a performance major


By Elana Katz

FASHION INTERVIEWWITH JASMINE ROTH ‘14NAME: Jasmine RothYEAR: SophomoreMAJOR: Theater & DanceHOMETOWN: Manchester, NHHOBBIES & INTERESTS: Making jewelry, sewing, climbing trees, traveling, writing, and reading.

KATZ: Who or what inspires your style?ROTH: I view my style as an artistic expression of who I am.

KATZ: Where do you like to shop?ROTH: Thrift stores, my Grandma’s closet, Forever21, and Charlotte Russe.

KATZ: What fashion advice would yougive to other students looking to improve their style?ROTH: Don’t limit yourself to what’s in style this season, don’t be afraid to be yourself, and always express yourself through your clothes.

KATZ: What inspired your outfit today?ROTH: I like preppy and bohemian styles, as well as vintage inspired pieces. It’s fun to mix and match and not necessarily label my style.

KATZ: What are your favorite trends right now?ROTH: Feathers, mixing patterns, and winter maxi dresses.

KATZ: Describe your style in three words.ROTH: Artsy, vintage, and awesomeness.KATZ: If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be and why?ROTH: It would be Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance. She always has these cute little dresses.OUTFIT ELEMENTS Buckled Boots:Jasmine expertly incorporates hardware into her accessories. Buckles, chains, and all other sorts of detailing give accessories much-needed accents. The brass buckles add some funk to her neutral and versatile boots.

Layers with Belt Accent:Jasmine makes use of the cozy and cute layering effect that is trendy every fall season. Like she mentioned earlier, she likes to incorporate preppy articles into her ensembles. Here, she dons a cream blazer paired with a vintage navy cardigan, all tied together by a simple striped men’s collared shirt, which draws from the dark color of the cardigan.

Feather Hair Extension:Feather hair extensions have made their way into everyone’s hair. From the placement to the length, Jasmine has got this extension working perfectly. What is unique about Jasmine’s feathers are their bright and bold colors that not only pop, but also give her look a bohemian edge.


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