Israel for U


By Tamara Stone

U for Israel is a new group on campus created with the goal of supporting Israel and its decisions. The group meets weekly to discuss ways to get students involved and informed about the Israeli conflict.

Club president Alex Stone ‘12 stated that their ultimate goal is “to get people involved using the political process. We encourage students to lobby members of Congress and use their voting power to support Israel.”

Anyone is welcome join the club. “There are Jews, Christians, atheists, people of all religions and backgrounds involved,” says Stone.

There are two subdivisions in the group: a cadre made up of six to 10 students that focus on keeping the issues present on campus, and a larger body of students who, although involved, do less than the cadre. This latter group will lobby their congressmen for specific issues and attend the events on campus.

The events vary based on the current campus atmosphere, but their center goal is to serve as an outlet for pro-Israel voices on campus. The group plans events they believe will best stimulate discussion and clarify important issues.



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