From the Editors-in-Chief: Another year, another dollar (or not)


By Ajay Major

We know, we know: you were absolutely shocked when you picked up this week’s edition of the Concordiensis. Whoa, this newspaper is heavy, you thought. I have to start spending more time at the gym.

This fall, we are debuting an expanded 20-page paper. The additional four pages provide more room for opinions, advertisements and arts coverage. We’ve also pumped up the size of On the Street, now located on page 10.

To help fill up that extra advertisement space, we’re now offering special discount rates for Union clubs and organizations. If you’re interested in learning more about that, contact Ryan Bottin at

The changes to the paper were largely inspired by the results of last spring’s campus-wide survey. We asked, and you answered. We want to thank all 321 students, faculty and staff who participated, and we invite all members of the Union community to share your thoughts about the Concordiensis.

We’ve included what we think were some of the most interesting results here.

We’ve also added two new staff members: Rhea Howard ‘14, co-editor of the Opinions section, and Sam Berstchmann ‘14, co-editor of the Arts section. It’s getting pretty cramped up here in Reamer 406, but we love expanding the Concordy family.

Finally, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to the class of 2015, especially those of you who stopped by our Club Expo table last Friday.

If you’d missed us somehow but still think you’d like to get involved, feel free to stop by our office or shoot us an email anytime. (That goes for upperclassmen, too. As we like to say, it’s never too late to join the Concordy.)

And, as always, check us out on We come out on Thursdays.



Ajay Major andAviva Hope RutkinEditors-in-Chief


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