From the Editor-in-Chief: Our solution to Schaffer saturation


By Ajay Major

Ever since the Starbucks kiosk extended its hours to 8 p.m., we lab rats on the second floor of the Wold building have noticed a distinct lack of activity in the atrium beneath us as we burn the midnight oil.

During the day, the atrium echoes with the unceasing buzz of conversation as students and faculty grab their low-fat caramel lattes and chai. We’ve seen everything from thesis meetings to faculty interviews to the early afternoon nap.

But once the dinner rush to Upper begins, the scurrying below ends. In stark contrast to the daylight mayhem, the atrium falls eerily quiet at night, frequented only by one or two of those weird wandering studiers.

Meanwhile, Schaffer is teeming with students, packed in from stack to stack. It’s no surprise to hear all the complaints about overflowing group study rooms and stolen beanbag chairs, not to mention the cackles coming from that table across the room.

As budding scientists, we can only assume that there must be something amiss. Maybe it’s the windows from Olin that spook you or the vast openness of the atrium that sends you reeling. Or maybe you just love the more social atmosphere of the library.

But, let’s be serious: what’s not to love? Wold has a 24/7 hour computer lab, comfy chairs, tons of chalkboard and whiteboard space, and even that weird white noise that makes the Nott such a psychedelic study space. And if all that won’t convince you, we’ve got coffee. If cheap coffee can’t attract sleep-deprived college students at 7:30 p.m. at night, then we honestly don’t know what will.

So for those of you who bemoan the “Schaffer fraternities” that fill the library with incessant chatter about that jerk in her geology class, make the 57.5 yard journey and come on over to Wold. Trust us: you’ll learn to love it here.




Ajay Major, Editor-in-Chief & Lab Rat


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