Remembering September 11, 2001: Esyln Hernandez ‘11 visits Ground Zero


By Esyln Hernandez

Ten years ago this past Sunday, my mother, uncle and aunt passed away in the North Tower, leaving my family and I in shock and despair.

Today, I was able to visit the memorial down in NYC, a place I haven’t dared to visit since that day.

I didn’t know what to expect or how my feelings would unravel as a result of seeing the unfinished Freedom Tower.

My heart told me what my mind consistantly told me: You’re not ready for Ground Zero.

Sure, at first, as my family heard the first few names called at the podium, my heart sunk. But as I heard each person say their relation to their lost loved one, I noticed something. All these people, we’re in the same boat.

All I could think was: when people work together, beautiful things happen.

All I can feel? A breath of fresh air, a sense of ease and security.

I love you mom, Uncle Norberto and Aunt Gabby. You will always and forever be in my heart.


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