Reblooming the Community


By Julia Friedman

U-Rebloom is an organization that donates flowers from campus events to nursing homes and senior facilities. The organization is only a few years old and is in search of new members.

Co-president Ceillie Keane ‘13, who is currently on a term abroad, says that the club was a joint project between Judith Gardner Ainlay and Angela Tatem from the Kenney Community Center in the spring of 2010. It began as a volunteer group who met to coordinate a service organization. “Eventually, Rachel Lalji ‘11, Irina Zhorov ‘13 and myself worked to make U-Rebloom a club on campus with greater resources in order to do more,” says Keane. Ainlay continues to support the club’s service trips to local community hospice centers.

“I’ve gotten so many warm, heartfelt thank-yous, stories from ‘back in the day,’ and advice as an exchange for the gift. Regardless of what the response is, I always get the same good feeling seeing the genuine appreciation,” says Keane. I sat down and talked with current member Jess Barofsky ‘13.

Julia Friedman: Tell me about U-Rebloom.

Barofsky: It’s an organization run by students. We deliver flowers from past Union events and deliver them directly to residents of nursing homes mostly. We spend time with the residents and hang out with them. It means a lot to them and it’s a lot of fun for us. They’re always so excited to see us and it really makes their day.

JF: Where do the flowers that you donate come from?Barofsky: We get them from big events that the college hosts, like Accepted Students Day, alumni events and homecoming.

JF: How do you travel to the senior centers?

Barofsky: Union provides transportation via trolley. It’s really convenient. We usually meet outside of the Kenney Center and leave from there.

JF: How often does the club meet?

Barofsky: The trips are sporadic and happen after big campus events, so it depends on the schedule of the college.

JF: How can I get involved with U-Rebloom?

Barofsky: The best way is to contact the Kenney Center for information on dates. Ceillie Keane ‘13, Irena Zhorov ‘13 and Kyra Burnett ‘13 are the students that organize the trips.


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