100+ students attend Shabbat 100


By Alex Stone

Last Friday, Chabad held Shabbat 100, where approximately one hundred Union students gathered in Hale House to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath.

Chabad, a campus organization that focuses on Jewish education, traditions and social events,  partnered with the brothers of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, Hillel, U for Israel and the brothers of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity to put on this event.

The idea behind Shabbat 100  was to encourage Jewish life on campus and to bring students together.

“The goal of Shabbat 100 was to unite a diverse mass of Jewish students in a meaningful experience by providing the now famous weekly Shabbat at Chabad dinner to a broader audience,” said Laiky Rubin, co-founder of Union College Chabad.

For many students, the event served as a welcomed study break and a place for reconnecting after a hectic week.

“I forgot about the stress of school and social life,” said Caitlin Gallagher ‘12. “It was just a nice break.”

Mark Chaskes ‘12 agreed. “I love Shabbat at Chabad because it is a time to see friends from all different social networks come together and get to relax with them in a much more intimate setting,” he said.

The Chabad House generally holds a Shabbat dinner every Friday evening. A popular activity at these dinners is when each person in attendance shares a highlight of his week. Each table at Shabbat 100 was encouraged to participate in this activity.

“I love saying my highlight of the week,” said Rachel Biegelman ‘12. “I think about what I am going to say all week and I was so excited this Friday to talk about my highlight with my friends. At least I won’t forget to tell them now!”

“The turnout was amazing,” said Rubin. “It genuinely felt like the whole student community had come together.”

That being said, preparing the dinner for over one hundred students was no “easy feat and only came about with the dedicated help of the Chabad student board led by Chabad President Ariel Blum,” said Shmuly Rubin, who along with wife Laiky co-founded Chabad at Union.

Chabad holds regular Shabbat dinners ever Friday night at 7 p.m. at Chabad House, located on 225 Seward Place.


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