The Idol celebrates 100th edition


By Ceillie Keane

This spring’s publication of Union’s literary magazine The Idol, which comes out the final week of the term, is a celebratory issue commemorating 100 years of the publication.

The issue will feature the creative works of current students, as well as pieces of writing and artwork published in now-archived editions.

In doing so, the editorial board of The Idol aims to highlight not only the achievements of the students, but also the achievement of the publication as a successful forum for creative student display.

The Idol’s history involved a series of fundamental changes over the past decades. The publication first began as a humor magazine but, by 1937, it had transformed into a literary forum. At that time, professors and authors from other institutions mainly published their work in the magazine, and it was not until the 1950s that it became the creative student-showcase that it is today.

During the 2009-2010 school year, the magazine was “essentially handed down” to current Editor-in-Chief Tess Skoller ‘13.

This year, Skoller says The Idol was “lucky enough to receive office space in the yearbook and Dutch Oven office, as well as a computer to use.”

These resources have provided space for meetings, the editing process and the ability to put together the anniversary issue this spring.

In order to highlight Union’s talent, Skoller explains that the editors of The Idol “decided to make it a really special edition that incorporates pieces from past editions.”

In order to compile pieces for the anniversary edition, editorial board members sifted through the Union archives for old Idol issues, and then perused the issues for old stories, poems, and artworks to re-print.

Skoller and the rest of The Idol staff “worked closely with special collections to set aside these old editions and scan pieces and covers so they could be included in our 100th anniversary edition.”

The copies of this year’s commemorative edition of The Idol will be given out for free throughout campus next week.

If you are interested in submitting any two-dimensional artwork, poetry or short stories, or as if you would like to work on next year’s publication, students can contact the editorial board at


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