Tajikistan: An Interview with Farangizi Abdurazokzoda


By Shilpa Darivemula

I’m Fara, I’m a freshman Econ and Chinese major, and I am from Tajikistan.

What event in your life lead you to come to the U.S.?

Before coming to the US, I studied in Hong Kong. Most of the students apply to study in universities and colleges in the United States since US schools have the most generous financial aid packages for international students. I, personally, was not very eager to study in the US because I did not want to go too far away from home (it’s a 16-hour flight!). My academic advisor suggested that I apply to the schools in the US anyways. So, I applied to Union, got accepted as a scholar; and, after a lot of thinking and consulting with friends of mine who have lived in or traveled to the US, I decided to accept the offer, and here I am!

Interesting differences between the US culture with your home culture?

Diversity is an important criterion for me to feel within my comfort zone, and I think the US is diverse in many aspects (ethnic, cultural, political, and so on). Tajik culture, and particularly the culture within my own home, is unique. Tajik culture predominantly is more conservative, tradition-oriented,

What’s your take on life?

How I view life is an interesting question.Although I believe that being a noble and charitable person is important, I also believe in individualism, and I think that a little bit of ego is natural for humans. Since we are only given one life to live, why not make the most out of it?

What is your favorite food? Is chocolate food? If so, I love bitter dark chocolate. 🙂

Any disappointments or joys with living at Union College?

In regards to Union students, I was lucky to meet people I still enjoy being around. They are all very intelligent, kind, supportive, and cheerful. There have been no disappointments so far! As far as improvements go, I believe there should be more encouragement for American students to learn more about other cultures and countries, as our being here is a mutually beneficial experience, not just international students learning about American culture, but also Americans learning more about our cultures. I really love Union, and I am glad I came here. There is a lot more to experience, and I am very excited about it!


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