Spain: Professor Pilar Moyano


By Sarah Rosenblum

“I used to have this recurring dream that I was in a hotel room, searching frantically for my room. I got on the elevator, looked upstairs, and then looked downstairs, but I could not find my room! And then I’d wake up. I told my friend about this dream, and she laughed and said, ‘Pilar, tu buscas España—you miss your home in Spain!”

Born in Southern Spain­­, Professor Pilar Moyano brings her love for Spain to Union’s campus with her variety of classes and her stories of home. She left Spain at age 16 and lived in other European countries before coming to study in the U.S. “While I will always be connected emotionally to my country of origin, I hold profound respect and gratitude for the U.S.”

After leaving Spain, she remembers coming across the American Constitution and Bill of Rights and feeling extremely moved. “It might have been then that I decided I had to come to the US. I attempt to work hard at not getting disillusioned and try to not take the freedoms we do have for granted.”

Upon hearing about Union, Moyano was attracted to its history, and was impressed by the talented students and professors she met. “I also thought the campus was beautiful. The architecture of the Nott memorial reminds me of the Mosque in my hometown, Cordoba.”

She enjoys inviting her class over to her home for an evening of cooking and eating Spanish food, and watching films in Spanish. “Union is a great place and full of opportunities, maybe one day when I retire, I will become a full-time Union student!”


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