Remembering the victims in Japan: Campus Action and Asian Student Union raise $1,000 for earthquake-affected children


By Caroline Hershey

On March 11, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan. In an effort to provide relief to the thousands of children who were orphaned by the disaster, Campus Action and the Asian Student Union held a fundraising dinner in Hale House that ultimately raised over $1,000.

At the event, tickets were sold for $5 and larger donations were encouraged. In addition, Hope for Japan bracelets and origami paper cranes were sold to support the cause.

All proceeds were donated to an orphanage in the affected area.

While guests enjoyed Japanese food provided by Dining Services and Mizu Sushi, a new restaurant on 3610 State Street, students gave speeches about the tragedy.

“I really appreciate the campus thinking about Japan. Pray for Japan,” said Takuya Tsukamoto ‘12, one of three international students from Japan currently studying at Union.

Hyung Jun Kim ’11, who was in Tokyo on an independent term abroad when the earthquake occurred, shared his experience with those in attendance.

He noted that the damage seen in Tokyo was not nearly as horrific as in northern Japan, but strong after-shocks were felt and the school he was attending was closed for a few days. Additionally, transportation and food were hard to come by.

“We didn’t expect this many people to show up and I’m happy that we were able to surpass our original goal of raising around $400,” said Grace Delgado ’14, a member of Campus Action who helped organize the event.

When deciding where to allocate the money raised, Delgado added that the event planners tried to avoid donating the proceeds to major organizations such as the  Red Cross, because they wanted to directly benefit the children whose lives were altered by the natural disaster.

Anyone who is interested in making an additional donation should email Delgado at for details.


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