Peter Pan: Lost boy gets urban facelift


By Elizabeth Nailling

and I have worked hard to avoid playing him as a comical caricature. I think the audience will find Hook is much scarier than they are used to.”

The cast of Peter Pan is undoubtedly well prepared for the performance as a typical rehearsal is about three hours long, and each one is completely unique. At every practice, the actors have been trying new things and playing new angles on scenes. Just as the audience will experience something completely different from the norm, the cast and crew has undergone much experimentation as well in order to create such a daring take on the classic children’s story.

If a new and risky experience is not enough to make you interested in seeing the show, it is easy to come to appreciate the incredible talent and effort that has been put into the production. Dave Masterson, who plays Hook and Mr. Darling, assures that, “Everyone involved in the show has worked their butts off to make the magic of Peter Pan come alive and that is going to be palpable when we perform it. You’ll be missing out if you skip this one!”

If you are interested in seeing something different and well done, you are encouraged to see Peter Pan at the Yulman Theater. The production opened yesterday at 7:30 p.m. and runs each night at the same time until Sunday’s last showing at 2 p.m.


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