New executive board elected


By Hanna Squire

President of Student ForumMital Patel ’12
Junior Student TrusteeWilliam Scudder Clay ’12
VP of FinanceGui Bin Zhang ’12
VP of AdministrationBessena Cabe ’13
VP of AcademicsShivani Suhag ’12
VP of Campus LifeNayan Patel ’12
VP of Multicultural AffairsPatricia Sanchez ’12

On Friday, April 29, the Board of Elections of Student Forum certified the results for the new Student Forum Executive Board. The Board of Elections was made up of the two Student Trustees and three Senior Class Representatives.

The results were signed and confirmed valid by Anthony Perez ‘11, Senior Student Trustee, Randy Miller ‘12, Junior Student Trustee, and President of Student Forum Andrew Churchill ‘11.

Elections were held earlier that day in Reamer Campus Center, where all members of the student body had the opportunity to cast their votes in a voting booth. There were a total of sixteen candidates running for seven positions, three of which were unopposed. A total of 422 students voted for their new Student Forum Executive board.

“Though this is not a record number, it’s a strong showing and the number continues to grow every year,” said Perez.

Student Forum is comprised of an executive board, class officers and committees.

The Executive Board is involved in many institutional decisions and oversees the operations of many clubs and organizations. Meetings are held on a weekly basis and are open to the entire student body.

“I look forward to my year as VP of Academics and also to next year’s election with optimism that more students will rise to the challenge of campaigning,’ said Shivani Suhag ‘12.

The seven students on the new Executive Board have assumed positions of great responsibility that include working with various members of the college administration, Board of Trustees and other influential groups.

“I think the students underestimate the power of Student Forum,” said Director of Student Activities and Student Forum Advisor Matt Milless.

This year the Board of Elections hosted two events prior to the election to encourage students to run for positions and vote for the candidates. A couple of weeks ago, the Board of Elections had an informational table in Reamer Campus Center to encourage students to make suggestions for improving Student Forum while informing students about the upcoming election and encouraging them to nominate students and faculty for certain awards.

“The table sessions were an attempt to increase student participation and hype up the elections,” said Miller.

On Thursday, April 28, the Board of Elections held a Meet the Candidates event in Reamer during Common Lunch hour. Candidates were prompted with various questions by Student Forum Secretary Maryssa Mataras ‘11, with the intention of educating the student body more about each candidate and his or her platform.

On Thursday, May 12, students have the opportunity to vote for Student Forum Class Officer elections. Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors can vote for students in their respective graduate year to be a Class Officer for the 2011-2012 school year.

The three students with the most votes in each graduation year will become the President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively.


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