LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Royal wedding a repugnant obsession


By Brian Karimi

Escaping talk of the royal wedding between Prince Williams and Kate Middleton was more difficult than I had predicted. The Internet was fully saturated. The news media was infatuated.

What is repugnant is that the Royal Family is a relic of an anti-democratic institution that ruled unfairly over not only England, but large portions of land and people all over the world for hundreds of years.

The money that maintains the family’s exuberant lifestyle—the estates, cars, clothes and jewels—was procured unfairly. No taxation without representation was our motto, but we seemed to have forgotten our loathing for the institution that so troubled this country’s early days. Instead, we replaced that loathing with admiration.

The Royal Family is undeserving of our attention. In this time of revolution across the world, the Monarchy is a stubborn symbol of a past we ought to leave behind us. Let the admiration of that institution rest— especially in this country so vocal about its international support of democracy.


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