Iraq: Taif Jany


By Gabe Sturges

As one of the numerous international students studying at Union College, Taif Jany ‘12 has enjoyed his time immensely here during his academic tenure.

Originally from Iraq, Jany and his family were forced to flee to Syria as refugees, where they stayed for two years. During their stay in Syria, Jany became involved in the Iraqi Student Project, an organization that selected Iraqi displaced students, taught them English and helped them apply to U.S. colleges.

Jany was accepted into two colleges, Union and another in Michigan, though he was advised that Union was a better fit for him. After declaring his intent to attend Union, Jany arrived in the U.S. on August 25, 2008.

Taif is now a sociology and French interdepartmental major and has happily integrated into American academic culture, though he admits that his first two terms were difficult: “it was hard to integrate into American society.”

Jany plans on staying in the States for a few years to work followed by moving to Australia to reunite with his mother and sisters. His future career is still undecided, though he is interested in “anything with international relations.”

With regards to his college experience, Jany succinctly describes his stay. “Union is the best for me,” he says. “I’ve never seen one that compares to Union. It’s small but at the same time you get to meet many people.”

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