Food: On following a Vegan diet


By Tamara Stone

What may have begun as a silly bet has become a lifestyle choice for Aria Walfrand ‘11.

“I was thinking out loud one day, wondering if I could be a vegan, to which my friend thought that I was being ridiculous, so then I became a vegan,” she says. “It’s kind of a lame reason’ I guess, but then I got really into it.”

A year and a half later, Walfrand continues to refrain from eating meat and animal products. She even has an app on her phone that tells her the ingredients in food products, so that she can insure animal-free food.

While certain foods are obvious no-nos, others are not quite as blatant. “Some kinds of wine are made with the air bladders of some fish, and so I can’t drink them.” Not only that, but “I don’t wear or own anything made of leather, suede, fur or wool, and another products made from animals.”

Walfrand admits that though she has the same thing to eat most of the time, she’s noticed a huge improvement in the dining options this year. “I would definitely say that this year has been better than last year in terms of having options to choose from everyday to eat. And O3 Cafe is awesome in having vegan options. Their tofu wraps are delicious!” she says. “And they have soy pudding—it’s not gross, I swear—which is excellent because I don’t always get desserts.”


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