‘Escaping College’ by Dan Phakos ’11


By Ajay Major


Four years and 200 photo shoots later, Dan Phakos is unveiling his senior art show “Escaping College,” on display in the Visual Arts atrium until May 21.

Phakos, who started experimenting with photography during his freshman year at Union, reflected on his own artistic growth over the years.

“It’s really nice because the growth is tangible, and you can visually see how my photos have evolved over the four years,” said Phakos at his opening reception. “I’d say it was really gratifying.”

In his artist’s statement, Phakos describes “Escaping College” as “an exploration into the hectic life of a college student…an illustration of those fleeting moments when we as individuals forget all the peripheral pressures, and just exist within ourselves.

“I just really wanted to put my own personal touch on college,” said Phakos. “You know there are so many clichés that go along with it, and I wanted to delve into it and really get personal with everybody.”

In September, Phakos will begin working as a photo assistant for John Huba, an Emmy-nominated photographer who shoots for Vanity Fair magazine.

“I’m planning on working in New York City for five years and then try to start off on my own as a photographer,” said Phakos of his future. “Brooklyn is going to be amazing.”


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