Diversity is all around campus


By Tess Skoller

“Diverse Perspectives: We challenge our students to experience new cultures, appreciate different points of view and see the world through new eyes—or ears —as often as possible,” reads one of the first statements on the Union College website.Some quick facts under the “Culture & Diversity” section of the website boasts the number of students and how many states there are students from, along with what percentage are international.

Additionally, Union hosts numerous language tables that are held each week as well as the many speakers coming to talk about their mission to increase diversity in our culture.

This week, we decided to delve into culture and diversity on our own campus. With International Culture week taking place from April 25 and ending on April 29 with a culture festival, it is a good time to take a moment and really take a walk in the shoes of these vastly unique individuals from all around the world. It’s all about mixing of cultures this week.


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