‘Die Young Stay Pretty’ by Christi DiBernardo ’11


By Erica Fugger

Senior Christi DiBernardo’s art exhibition, “Die Young Stay Pretty,” opens on Monday in the Visual Arts Atrium Gallery.

DiBarnardo described her project as “a commentary on the media’s effect on female perceptions of beauty, the social pressures placed on women to live up to the media standards and the effect of this influence.”

In her three-term-long thesis, the senior used a combination of “photography, digital art, drawing and painting to arrive at the end result. . .[of] watercolor and sumi ink painting on watercolor paper.”

As sources of inspiration, she cited her interests in “fashion and beauty and the media.” DiBernardo was also influenced by the career of her father as a plastic surgeon and familiarity with individuals associated with the entertainment industry.

For the creation of her exhibition, the senior further drew upon her knowledge of the “media’s effect on female body image,” which she had primarily acquired from her Sophomore Research Seminar on the topic of “Better Friedan and the Rise of American Feminism.”

For insight into how “the media often presents an unnatural and often unattainable standard to which its female audience aspires,” visit the Visual Arts Atrium Gallery from Monday, May 23 to Saturday, May 28.


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