Celiac’s Disease/Gluten-Free Diet for Joyce ’13


By Jessica Doran

Olivia Joyce ‘13 found out that she was gluten-intolerant last spring. Joyce ‘13 reminisces saying, “When I was first diagnosed, I was very upset and felt very alone because it was the beginning of spring term last year and I was away from home. You look at food in a completely different way when you cannot eat any grain-based foods. I subsisted on only salad in West.”

Things have definitely changed today, as Joyce  discovered gluten-free snacks and other substitute options available in most grocery stores. She feels that Upper is much better than West, thanks to the greater variety and a nicer salad bar.

“However, there are times where pasta, breads, and breaded meats dominate the food choices and I’m stuck between a gluten-free sandwich or salad,” she notes. “The ‘gluten-free pantry’ is pretty sparse and empty. Occasionally there are cereals or granola, but nothing like the options in West’s closet.”

Joyce mentions that students with gluten intolerance can call in to Upper for special dinner orders, but “…honestly I don’t always know the time that I’m going to eat and it can be pretty awkward waiting around 10 minutes for food while your friends finish eating.”


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