Bulgaria: Christina Todorova


By Julia Friedman

Christina Todorova ‘12 is from Varna, Bulgaria—a city on the coast of the Black Sea. “[My family] had to move to a coastal city because of my dad’s job. He’s a marine engineer,” explains Todorova, “I live ten minutes away from the sea, so I go there every day in the summer.” Varna is a prosperous city with booming business and a bustling social scene.

So what brought Todorova to Schenectady? She wanted to find a liberal arts college. In Bulgaria, universities operate to educate students within specific fields. After high school, students apply to universities based on the career they wish to pursue. If a student decides she does not like that career, she must reapply to a different university that specializes in a different field.

“A liberal arts college gives [students] so much freedom to explore and make a better decision about what you want to major in,” states Todorova. When researching different schools, she “looked for schools with nice diversity programs, different activities and financial aid for international students.” Union offered Todorova a full scholarship, so her decision to come here was easy. “It was one of my proudest moments,” she says with a big smile, “because I worked so hard to get here.” Todorova began her studies as a psychology major and history minor at Union in September 2008.


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