9. Emphasize the arts.


By Aria Walfrand

As someone majoring in both the sciences and the humanities, I have found that Union is a great place to combine my interests in psychology and modern languages. But I have noticed that Union’s reputation for producing visual artists does not match up with the talent that this school has. I have met more than a few people on campus who have no idea where the Visual Arts building is, are unaware of our film studies minor, and stare blankly at me when I mention things such as Taylor or the World Music Room.

I feel that these kinds of arts should be more appreciated and publicized at Union, especially because some of the artists I know that are graduating from Union produce some of the most amazing work I have ever seen. We’re required to take science (with and without a lab!) and math courses as part of our general curriculum, but it it’s really easy to avoid taking a visual arts course.

I think the community as a whole would benefit from mandating at least one visual/studio arts course, film or dance course as part of the General Education curriculum. A lot of people shy away from the arts because they feel they are not good at drawing, painting, photography, etc., but I truly believe there is something to be said about the experience one can have in taking a course completely out of his or her comfort zone. I was terrified of chemistry when I took it the spring term of my freshman year, but I can honestly say it was never boring because I was doing something I have never really done before.

I believe the same can be said for the arts—students gain new skills in learning how to observe and record information using something other than words. I feel that the experience they would gain from taking an art course would help them in multiple ways throughout their lives.

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