7. Install bidets.


By Fuat Sener

My idea is to have Japanese-style electronic bidets at least in some of the buildings at Union.

These bidets are commonplace in homes and public places in Japan, including universities and train stations. They are mostly known in the U.S. as washlets and a number of U.S. distributors are already offering them at reasonable prices. Most washlets provide heated seats, fully-controlled oscillating/pulsating water spraying, warm air drying, automatic lid movement, self-cleaning nozzle and many other functions, each of which can be operationalized with the touch of a button.

Installing these washlets will promote better personal and public hygiene, and thereby contribute to the overall health of the campus community. It will help limit the spread of germs and reduce the frequency of health incidents linked to poor hygiene. Having the washlets will also lead to substantial savings in terms of water and toilet paper. The gains in terms of health, hygiene and sustainability are likely to outweigh the costs. Finally, with the washlets in place, we can enter the rankings of “most hygiene colleges in the US”, which can be out any time, from quite a top level.

References: A simple Google search using the key word “washlet” or “electronic bidet” will generate plenty of relevant information. The washlets can be tried out in select Japanese restaurants in NYC:  http://www.totousa. com/Washlet/TryaWashlet.aspx.


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