6. Democratize Springfest.


By Jacob Larocca

Springfest is probably the one event on campus of all three terms that the most students attend. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent to bring at least one big-name band to campus, and every year, the Springfest Committee asks for suggestions from students as to who they would like to see come to campus.

If you think about it, having a general meeting of with a handful of students asking the committee to pay for their favorite bands to come to Union is a good effort, but hard to actually use effectively. Unless students have some sort of context they can base their requests on, suggestions may be completely unrealistic.

What many of you don’t know is that no matter how many opinions are presented, no matter how good or diverse suggestions are, the decision comes down to four people: one administrator and three students.  These students are not picked by vote, but by favor with the previous three. Why isn’t there an election process for the committee that involves the whole school? Why can’t we create some sort of way to optimize the combination of bands to prices, and then send out a survey at the end of every spring or beginning of every fall with a list of combinations of bands we could afford? If that is too much work, then why can’t we fill out a survey as to the genre of the bands?

If we do any of these things, we might actually have a quorum. The committee wouldn’t even have to tell us what the result was until spring; they could keep it a secret still.

All of this being said, I think the Committee chose a great combination this year, but I think that the system should be democratic. A campus-wide election proccess for the Springfest committee, a survey as to the genres of bands desired and a better context upon which to base our suggestions would help to make this process more democratic.


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