3. Take the clocks down.


By Anastasia Pease

The campus is currently pockmarked by non-functioning clocks (including those in various classrooms and the pillar in front of Reamer, which never has the right time). Because these clocks are “single-function devices” that don’t even live up to their single function, I think Union needs to get rid of them.

Besides making us look tidier and more “with it,” that would also save Union money and time replacing, repairing or changing clocks to Daylight Savings Time, etc.

I have heard rumors of changing all the clocks to newer satellite-synchronized ones. That would be a waste of time and money. Everyone has a time-telling cell-phone these days. Most classrooms have computers with accurate time. In short, removing all clocks would be a thrifty step that would also reflect well on Union as an up-to-date and tidy place.


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