22. Make Health Services more accessible.


By Tess Koman

There is a plethora of resources here at Union that we, as students, should take advantage of. Sometimes, we are so busy doing exactly that that we forget one of the most valuable resources we have: Health Services. They provide us with free consultations, health exams, referrals, emergency appointments, prescription deliveries and more. Despite all of this, Health Services seems to have gotten a bad rap on campus and a lot of people dread going for even the most routine appointments. However, this problem may be easier to solve than one would think.

There is one major problem with Health Services and it can be summed up in the words of everyone’s favorite Presidential candidate-to-be: “Location, location, location.”

In order to get to Health Services, you have to schlep all the way across campus (if you live anywhere other than Fox, Davidson, Green or Sorum) to the beautiful but creepily outdated Silliman Hall, up the rickety stairs to the second floor, and into the cramped room that is the entirety of Health Services. Personally, when I am sick, I don’t like to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with other people who are hacking up lungs and are clearly contagious. That alone is enough to discourage people from going to Health Services in the first place.

With so much renovation and new planning going on on campus, we could find another more spacious and possibly more centrally located place to put Health Services. Should Health Services be in a building like Reamer, with an elevator and much more space, more people would be willing to make appointments when they need help.

For those instances when we really need help, Health Services could alter their accommodations, too. Students can call the office at any time and ask for doctors’ names in the area if they need outside consultations. While this is certainly a helpful service that they provide, it could be even more useful. Instead of limiting their referral options to doctors associated with Ellis or just in the Schenectady area, Health Services might want to look into doctors they could refer us to in Albany or at the hospital there.

Personally, I have not been happy with the doctors I have been referred to at Ellis by Health Services and I have spoken to people who feel the same way. Many would prefer a name at the Albany Medical Center which is a much more renowned hospital than Ellis and is only twenty minutes away.

That being said, Health Services is very accommodating; they make the best of their facilities and they want to ensure that everyone on campus tries to stay as safe and healthy as possible.


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