20. Streamline the purchasing process.


By Tim Connelly

This one is for all the treasurers out there.

The purchasing process for Student Activities often causes dread, sleep deprivation and frustration for our monetary minions. Buying items for clubs is a process plagued by repeated trips to the Student Activities office, often incorrectly filled out forms and a fax machine that seems to exercise its own free will.

I propose a solution to remedy the headaches of treasurers and student activities employees alike. An online purchase order system similar to the work order system could be used to ensure treasurers fill out all the necessary information correctly. The system will allow for less paperwork, and Student Activities will be able to access the system to review and approve or deny the requests. Students will then be notified and will be able to pick up their card, make their purchase, and in the case of orders, turn in a digital copy of their receipt. Ideally, this system would be based on a login system that treasurers will be able to access remotely to cut down on trips to the office.

We are all busy, so a streamlined purchasing system will allow us to remove at least one time consuming to-do from our day. Not to mention that it will stop Student Activities from wanting to strangle us when we forget to submit object codes.


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