18. Encourage WGS classes.


By Lily Marto

When I first arrived at Union, I was sure my passion was biology. However, I was not placed in a biology class my freshman fall. Instead, I was placed in Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.

If I had not been placed in that class during my first term at Union, I can almost guarantee you that I would not be a women’s and gender studies major. I would not have found a subject that can be so easily applied to absolutely anything and everything else.

My idea to help make a better Union is to add to our list of general education requirements a women’s and gender studies requirement, especially if a student is majoring in a liberal arts major.

Some departments, such as the American studies department, do include a requirement for a course that covers either race and ethnicity or gender. However, most do not.

Women make up about 50% of this campus, and I do not think it is too much to ask our students to examine gender in at least one of their many, many courses here at Union. While there is some valid concern that some students would not appreciate the subject matter and would disrupt the balance of the classes, I have more faith in the Union student body than that. Besides, for every person that sits in class and rolls his or her eyes, there is another student whose mind opens up to new possibilities.

I very nearly missed the women’s and gender studies department altogether, but now I have found something I am  passionate about, and I would not want anyone else to miss out on finding that one thing they love just because they never tried it.


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