Wolfman returns to airwaves


By Erica Fugger

Zach Pearce ‘12 of the “Wolfman Zach Show” began his solo radio show in the fall of 2008, his freshman year. He started with the intention to continue the theme of his high school radio show, in which he played primarily classic rock and rock ‘n’ roll, but has branched out to some more modern music since.

When asked about the origins of the name of his show, the Wolfman stated that he first planned to use a more generic name, like “The Rock Hour with Zach.” He decided last-minute to play homage to the 1950s DJ Wolfman Jack, who is referenced in the film American Graffiti.

Pearce has hosted notable guests, such as President Stephen Ainlay and Spanish professor Graham Ignizio. He described his show with Ainlay as a “station effort,” citing the help of his fellow DJs in supporting and recording the show. Pearce mentioned his enjoyment of an interview with the president’s Grammy award-winning brother and the “natural talent for the air” that both Ainlay and Ignizio, among his other guests, possess.

Regarding the start of “Easy Connection,” co-hosted by Pearce and Evan Slavit ‘12, Slavit described their origins as his desire to host a sports radio show after visiting the Club Expo, also during the fall of 2008. Once learning that Pearce was also a Mets fan, Slavit knew that the Wolfman would be a good candidate for co-hosting the show.

The two juniors spoke of their interactions, recounting the debates they sometimes stage on air over various sports controversies. They especially enjoy recieving calls from various fans bases.

The “Wolfman Zach Show” airs Mondays from 8 to 9 p.m. “Easy Connection” can be heard


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