What’s in Wold?


By Calder Phillips-Grafflin

Your guide to all the new labs and equipment in Wold

Renewable Energy

Wold provides laboratory space for the Mechanical Engineering department’s renewable energy program to design and assemble renewable energy systems ranging from wind turbines to photovoltaic solar panels. Once systems are complete, they can be installed on the rooftop testing lab, which provides better access and easier monitoring than the old location atop the maintenance buildings. Renewable energy is a major design focus of the Wold, with the building designed to achieve LEED Gold certification.


The new aerogel lab provides a range of equipment to make and test aerogels, including the heat press shown here. Aerogel research at Union is an interdisciplinary initiative combining chemistry and engineering.


A new suite of biochemistry labs supports research ranging from genetics to cell death to mushrooms. The labs are designed to encourage communication between researchers.


The phasor lab provides a perfectly sound-proof room for testing acoustics and designing acoustic equipment. Shown here is the equipment for testing the acoustics of a piano.


As we’ve reported on before, the Wold building is supposed to host a new “Advanced Computing Lab.” Stay tuned to the Concordy for more details.


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