What do you love most about springtime at Union?


By Section Editor

[pullquote]The Outing Club is running a lot of fun trips—white water rafting, hiking in the Adirondacks.  I’m really excited for the weather; winter in Schenectady gets old real fast.

-Tom Swanton ’13[/pullquote]

[pullquote]HVZ [Humans vs. Zombies].    It’s a big mistake if you don’t play. It’s an experience, like doing your term abroad—you never get another chance.

-Matthew Hayner ‘13[/pullquote]

[pullquote]Going shirtless in the Quad.  Not having to wear hats or winter jackets. And this spring, there is a new edition every Thursday night—Chris Paine at Geppetto’s.  It’s a good way to spend some time.

-Eric Zavadsky ‘12[/pullquote]

[pullquote]Being able to run outside and enjoy the weather. I’m also looking forward to Spring Fest this year.

-Lindsay Opper ’11[/pullquote]

[pullquote]Spring Fest. Greek Week, and sitting out on West and tanning on West Beach.

-Anna Lentz ’13[/pullquote]

[pullquote]Humans versus Zombies is one of the most inclusive activities we have  on campus. Plus, I love to go outside.

-Nancy Miorelli ‘11[/pullquote]


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