What a wonderful Wold


By Sasha Zuflacht

With the start of spring, there is plenty more to do around campus. Everyone seems to migrate outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Work is sometimes put on the back burner, and relaxing outside takes precedence. The library is noticeably less crowded and the gardens become an ideal spot. So what does this mean for the newest addition to our campus? The Peter Irving Wold Center is finally open—but with the sunshine luring everyone outside, will anyone take advantage of our new facility?

The architecture, high-quality labs, classrooms, and study space all make the Wold building an undeniable asset to our campus. It is visually appealing and environmentally friendly.

I think most people have yet to accept that this state-of-the-art building is actually ours to use. Stepping into the Wold Center feels like stepping onto another campus, an unfamiliar territory that we have yet to explore.  It’s a new and exciting feeling for everyone at Union.

Many have argued that the  new building has one main disadvantage: the Starbucks kiosk. When the kiosk was conveniently located next to Dutch in Reamer, getting breakfast in the morning was a breeze. Now, we’re complaining about the extra two-minute walk to Wold to get an iced coffee. Have we become too comfortable in our daily routines? Are we that lazy? Sometimes, I fear that the answer is yes.

The whole point of putting the Starbucks kiosk in the Wold Center is to help draw students to the new building. Even without Starbucks, I don’t think the building would be less attractive. The open floor plan and study areas attract students on their own. It’s a great atmosphere to get work done and relax.

The Wold building will continue to attract more students as the term advances, especially if they finally equip it with wireless Internet!

The faculty and staff have been working on this building for years. Every square inch of the layout was thoughtfully considered. Each room serves a purpose and the building as a whole focuses on renewable energy.

The Wold Center perfectly encompasses Union’s strive to bring together interdisciplinary studies and foster a unique type of liberal arts experience.  Furthermore, the completion of the Wold Center enriches the campus. We no longer have to avoid certain routes to stay away from construction. Once the renovation of the Social Sciences building is completed, the campus will be back in sync once more.

All of these new additions and improvements are entirely for our benefit. It’s up to us to take advantage of these new opportunities on campus. Enjoy spring, but know that there’s a perfect new building for those rainy days. The Wold Center was worth the wait.


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