VU finds its footing with a new identity


By Calder Phillips-Grafflin

Virtual Union may be a campus institution as old as the web, but VU has fallen on rough times in the past few years, with few dedicated members and a lack of vision.

Simply put, VU cannot compete as a service provider with the likes of Google, Microsoft or even ITS. Back in the early days of the web when VU was formed, it could offer services that were not otherwise available, like network file storage and large webmail. Now, of course, one can get these services for free from any of the major tech companies.

Instead, VU will be moving away from being a service provider to being service in and of itself. VU will shift to being a “hacker/maker space”, providing space, tools and other resources for everything ranging from complex student projects to students who simply want to learn more about technology.

For those of you currently using services provided by VU, most existing services will continue, but VU will probably cut services that no longer make sense. If you have concerns about your use of VU, please contact one of the VU administrators (check as soon as possible.

In the mean time, VU will be replacing old equipment to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance, which has been a problem with the older equipment currently in use. Additionally, VU is aiming to have its own space available for students to use, something it has not been able to provide for years.


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